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You May Be Surprised How Chelsea Handler Made It Into Hollywood

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You might know Chelsea Handler as a comedian, talk show host, actress, entertainer, and author…however there is much more to her than that. She was not born into this successful life. Her journey and upbringing may surprise you, and will make you admire Chelsea Handler even more so.

Chelsea moved to Los Angeles when she was 19, with the intention of becoming an actress. Little did she know that her experiences would take her on a different journey.



Two years after arriving to Los Angeles she got a DUI. She took this setback and turned it around to make it positive. She began telling the DUI story whenever she could, and tried to make it as humorous as possible. This made her fully realize her talent and ability to do stand up comedy on top of acting.

Here is an interview with Oprah where she discusses this story in more detail.

Chelsea knew she wanted to break into Comedy once she realized how talented she was at it. Now what actually drove her? It was having and embracing her ADD.

“I have severe ADD, and I’m constantly looking to amuse myself.”

To read more about Handlers ADD, please visit this website


She took ADD to her advantage, and used it to keep her going. Chelsea can teach us that any “setback” or “flaw” can be turned into strength. Every disadvantage has an advantage in there, you just need to be able to find it.

If Chelsea did not use her ADD to keep her going she would not be the comedian, talk show host, actress, entertainer, and author she is today.

What keeps you going? Do you have an “obstacle” holding you back? Take this moment to learn from Chelsea. Take one of your weaknesses and find a way to switch it into a strength. You may be surprised how much that can help you. You never know what a good mindset can give you, so never give up!