Strategy Versus Tactics

Strategy Versus Tactics


Using both strategy and tactics is crucial in any business or personal goal. Now you may be thinking, well what is that? How do I make that happen? What is the difference? Good news, I am going to explain the entire meaning and reason behind strategy and tactics right now, so keep reading!



The strategy is the easy part. In simple terms, it is to know what your goals are. This can be any goal you have, big small, just a goal.


  • Get a job
  • Find a spouse
  • Connect more with family members



Tactics are the actual plan used to ensure ones goals can and will be achieved. The strategy needs to be planned out and well organized in order to be successful.


1) Send out 1 resume a week

2) Contact 1 person a week asking them out.

3) Call 1 family member a day


Remember, without strategy there is no tactic, and vise versa. The two must work together in order for growth to happen. Once a proper strategy and tactic are made, success will begin.


Network Influence On Social Media

The type of influence you put on can greatly affect you and your presence online. Not only who you connect with really makes a huge difference, but what exactly you are saying makes a difference too. In social media, it is important you get respect as well as give respect. How you choose to be seen is up to you. You need to figure out the image you want for yourself, and how you will get there. Once you get a positive imagine out put, your business will definitely grow

The Proper Way To Engage On Social Media (Businesses, Non-Profits & YOU)

Social Media is proven to lead to success in business, non-profits, and just people in general. However it can only truly be efficient if used correctly.

Good news is, it is easy to learn! First we are going to cover the top nine dos and don’ts of social media. Then we will go through some examples of those who have used these methods.

Some Pointers For You:

  • Connection: One cannot simply just sign up on a social media network and do nothing else. In order to be found, you must engage and speak to others. This way you will have the opportunity to be noticed by basically anybody.


  • The Audience: Now that you have done your connecting, it is time to build that audience up. Now you may be asking, “ well who is my audience?” That is up to you to figure out. Think about whom you want sitting in that chair, than go out and connect with them online.


  • Questions: Both asking and answering questions are important. You must answer the questions of your audience to help them out. If you help them with something of importance, they will remember you. Now you must answer questions too. Or else you wont know what your audience wants.


  • Criticism: Typically most people do not like being criticized. However if you use it to your advantage it can greatly help you out. Once you take the suggestions and use them, you can improve your platform.


  • Search ability: You also want to ensure you are easy to find by others. Do this by making your profile very specific and clear. Too much information is better than too little.


  • Promoting…OTHERS: By promoting others you are actually promoting yourself. The person you are promoting will probably promote you back as a thank you.


  • Be Yourself: If you are not yourself, none of these steps will really work. If you are not yourself and relatable you will attract the wrong people and get nowhere.


  • Be Aware Of What Not To Do: Doing the wrong steps can hurt you even more than doing nothing. Once you figure out what does not work, stop it right away.


Okay, now that we have covered the steps, we are going to cover how business and nonprofit have had success using these steps.

  • Even politicians and those in government have come to notice how important social media currently is. Now politics is a very controversial topic and needs to be taken cautiously. Using social media the wrong way has the potential to do more wrong than good.


  • Even those as high up as Barack are present on social media. They use this as an easy way to connect.


  • Non-profits need to do all they can to get awareness. It tends to be difficult for them do to the low funding most have. Using social media is a fantastic affordable method to get donations done, and awareness spread. Something as simple as a trending hashtag can make a huge difference.


Some Fun Stats:

  • Visual Networking is More Effective. People are more likely to pay attention to entertaining images than text.


  • LinkedIn works great for marketers: LinkedIn is amazing for promotion and job opportunities.


Now we have covered the top techniques on how to succeed on social media, how organizations use these steps, and some fun stats! Hope this helped you out, best of luck.

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