Diagram: Social Media Responsibilities


Not all social media teams are trained the same. It depends on the organization and their goals. Bellow is a Venn diagram showing the similarities and differences on how a non-profit, government, or company would use to keep on top of their social media.



  • Ensure leadership is strong, this way the team will connect better, and get things done.
  • Keep on top of goals, if tasks are unorganized the team will fall behind.



  • Organization is key, the government always has a full plate of duties. Without organization, completing tasks will be very difficult.
  • Ensure everyone is making ethical and legal decisions



  • Train the workers to understand the companies  goals. If the companies mission statement is unclear, work will not be done sufficiently.
  • Be on top of sales. In order for a company to thrive, the quota of sales must be done.
  • Don’t forget customer service

All 3

  • Keep traffic strong
  • Set realistic goals for improvement

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