Non-Profit, Government & Private Sectors: Content Strategies.


Any sort of non-profit, government, or private sector needs to have a proper content strategy in order to achieve their goals.


Having the proper content strategy is important in order to have the main message done effectively, and in a timely matter. A simple positive adjustment to a content strategy can make an unsuccessful campaign completely turn around and improve.

Having the right content strategy is not easy. It can take time to figure out exactly what your target needs, and how to make their wants actually happen. The best way to realize this is through a lot of experimenting and trial and error.


Not all content strategies can be done the same way. Everybody needs to act on what works best for his or her vision, business and customers.

Here are different factors that would influence the content strategies for, non-profits, governments, and private sectors.



When people look at the government, they often assume that their content be very technical and professional. However it does not have to be. The government’s style does change depending on the time, and current events. I do think the government does have to be more careful and take more precautions in their content than others would do to their high standing and reputation. If I were responsible for a governments content strategy I would do my best to keep the content organized, accurate, and appropriate.




Non-Profits depend highly on the support of their target. Without the support of their audience, they would not be able to continue on.

I personally feel Non-Profits need to put effort into showing positive experiences and success through their campaigns. This can be anything from showing testimonials, stories, or photos.

Anything that shows the Non-Profit in a positive way to their audience is an absolute must.

Private Sector:


There is not one set method for a private sector to have a content strategy. Every business/company needs to take the planning into their own hands based on what their audience wants. Today, thanks to social media, private sectors have a huge advantage on their advertising compared to private sectors being active several years ago. Businesses have the ability to study their audience based on their involvement online. Once the audience is discovered, the business can take necessary steps to reach them.


To summarize, having a content strategy is a must, if one wants to have success. However, this does not mean that everyone has to take the exact same steps. Even though the final goals may be similar, this does not mean the steps have to be similar. A piece of advice to anyone who is making their content strategy for the first time would be to, not forget your audience, keep your brands image in mind, and not to forget your goals.

Good luck with your content!!

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