Variables That Need To Be Considered When Defining an Audience.

Any company, government, non-profit or private sector really needs to be smart to truly figure out their audience appropriately when launching a campaign, or just being successful in general. The marketing will be a complete waste of time if it isn’t directed to the wrong audience.

Here are three variables that must be considered when defining the audience.

  • What category does the majority of your audience fit in?

Not all audience members are the same. One can have an audience of friends/family, actual fans, connections, and acquaintances. Each of these people has different ways of benefiting you.

Friends and family will likely brag about you and say positive things because they feel they have too.

Than we have the actual true fans. People who follow you because they genuinely like you, and are interested in what you have to say. These people can help you out because you can research them to find out what kind of people may also like you.

Connections and acquaintances are still important, but they may be the least important. They are the type of audience that is there and still help but not as much.

Once we realize and categorize our audience, we can have a better idea on how to talk to them and promote our products.

  • What type of people engages with you the most?

It is fair to say, people who engage with a brand the most, are the brands biggest fans and supporters. Brands can use social media to connect with top fans and research them

  • Research your audience!

Lastly, researching Is the cheapest and maybe the best thing a brand can do. By researching your fans habits and followers, you can find more people who can potentially be your next fan. Your audience can also tell you their thoughts and recommendations that can potentially result in a new product being made.

Being aware of your audience’s patterns, and lifestyles is extremely important. Simply being aware of your audience is already giving you a heads up on how to generate sales and awareness. They must remember to constantly be on top of their audience, because they can change.

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