Strategy Versus Tactics

Strategy Versus Tactics


Using both strategy and tactics is crucial in any business or personal goal. Now you may be thinking, well what is that? How do I make that happen? What is the difference? Good news, I am going to explain the entire meaning and reason behind strategy and tactics right now, so keep reading!



The strategy is the easy part. In simple terms, it is to know what your goals are. This can be any goal you have, big small, just a goal.


  • Get a job
  • Find a spouse
  • Connect more with family members



Tactics are the actual plan used to ensure ones goals can and will be achieved. The strategy needs to be planned out and well organized in order to be successful.


1) Send out 1 resume a week

2) Contact 1 person a week asking them out.

3) Call 1 family member a day


Remember, without strategy there is no tactic, and vise versa. The two must work together in order for growth to happen. Once a proper strategy and tactic are made, success will begin.


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