Diagram: Social Media Responsibilities


Not all social media teams are trained the same. It depends on the organization and their goals. Bellow is a Venn diagram showing the similarities and differences on how a non-profit, government, or company would use to keep on top of their social media.



  • Ensure leadership is strong, this way the team will connect better, and get things done.
  • Keep on top of goals, if tasks are unorganized the team will fall behind.



  • Organization is key, the government always has a full plate of duties. Without organization, completing tasks will be very difficult.
  • Ensure everyone is making ethical and legal decisions



  • Train the workers to understand the companies  goals. If the companies mission statement is unclear, work will not be done sufficiently.
  • Be on top of sales. In order for a company to thrive, the quota of sales must be done.
  • Don’t forget customer service

All 3

  • Keep traffic strong
  • Set realistic goals for improvement

Non-Profit, Government & Private Sectors: Content Strategies.


Any sort of non-profit, government, or private sector needs to have a proper content strategy in order to achieve their goals.


Having the proper content strategy is important in order to have the main message done effectively, and in a timely matter. A simple positive adjustment to a content strategy can make an unsuccessful campaign completely turn around and improve.

Having the right content strategy is not easy. It can take time to figure out exactly what your target needs, and how to make their wants actually happen. The best way to realize this is through a lot of experimenting and trial and error.


Not all content strategies can be done the same way. Everybody needs to act on what works best for his or her vision, business and customers.

Here are different factors that would influence the content strategies for, non-profits, governments, and private sectors.



When people look at the government, they often assume that their content be very technical and professional. However it does not have to be. The government’s style does change depending on the time, and current events. I do think the government does have to be more careful and take more precautions in their content than others would do to their high standing and reputation. If I were responsible for a governments content strategy I would do my best to keep the content organized, accurate, and appropriate.




Non-Profits depend highly on the support of their target. Without the support of their audience, they would not be able to continue on.

I personally feel Non-Profits need to put effort into showing positive experiences and success through their campaigns. This can be anything from showing testimonials, stories, or photos.

Anything that shows the Non-Profit in a positive way to their audience is an absolute must.

Private Sector:


There is not one set method for a private sector to have a content strategy. Every business/company needs to take the planning into their own hands based on what their audience wants. Today, thanks to social media, private sectors have a huge advantage on their advertising compared to private sectors being active several years ago. Businesses have the ability to study their audience based on their involvement online. Once the audience is discovered, the business can take necessary steps to reach them.


To summarize, having a content strategy is a must, if one wants to have success. However, this does not mean that everyone has to take the exact same steps. Even though the final goals may be similar, this does not mean the steps have to be similar. A piece of advice to anyone who is making their content strategy for the first time would be to, not forget your audience, keep your brands image in mind, and not to forget your goals.

Good luck with your content!!

Are We Still Private On Social Media?

  1. Are we still private in the digital age? Argue for or against this concept.

We are not private at all in this age. With there are so many social sites out there; it is very difficult not to participate in at least one of them. People may be concerned about their private life leaking out online, however they are not doing much to stop it.


Not even that long ago, many people were worried they could loose their career or even their friends due to what they posted. Now people see posting as a way to potentially improve their career and social life. Social media can be really good for networking purposes. However it is difficult to post enough to give employers a good idea about you, without over sharing.

People are not afraid to show their families and even their neighborhood. This used to be seen as risking our safety. Now it is seen as being active online.

Young Family Having Fun In Park

We have no control on how others will react and comprehend to the things we post. To one, a post may be seen in a positive way, while someone else may see the same post as completely inappropriate.

Most social media sites do give us an option to set our profile to private, however, barely anyone uses this feature. So many people feel that there is no need to be private because they are not being searched anyway. There isn’t much we can do to prove that though. People do not understand, once we post, it can be seen by anybody.


  1. If we are still private (in social media), how do we maintain that privacy moving forward? If not, how do we continue to navigate in this world where privacy ceases to exist?

The only way we can navigate in the world with the lack of privacy we have, is to be responsible with our actions. Every person has different standards and ideas in regards to how much they are willing to put out there for everyone to see. You have to keep the image you want for yourself in mind when posting. If you post something out of your comfort zone, you need to be prepared for it to affect you in one way or another. Things may be different in the future, but we need to be aware of what is happening right now.


We need to realize, we are still allowed to be on our social media accounts and post things. However we need to remember that anything we post can be seen by anybody, and we need to be okay with that.


  1. Do you agree with Tim Rayner’s position that we live in a Virtual Panopticon?


I actually completely agree with Tim. Even though we may not realize it, our lives are out there online and everyone is watching us. People try so hard to get the approval of people who they don’t even know. The audience starts to feel as if they actually know the poster personally, due to all the information they have. However in reality all of the followers we have online are strangers. It is unfortunate that we feel the need to put on acts on our social media just to be accepted by others. The good news is, you do not have to feel this way. You have the ability to be in control and avoid the pressure that comes with social media.

Variables That Need To Be Considered When Defining an Audience.

Any company, government, non-profit or private sector really needs to be smart to truly figure out their audience appropriately when launching a campaign, or just being successful in general. The marketing will be a complete waste of time if it isn’t directed to the wrong audience.

Here are three variables that must be considered when defining the audience.

  • What category does the majority of your audience fit in?

Not all audience members are the same. One can have an audience of friends/family, actual fans, connections, and acquaintances. Each of these people has different ways of benefiting you.

Friends and family will likely brag about you and say positive things because they feel they have too.

Than we have the actual true fans. People who follow you because they genuinely like you, and are interested in what you have to say. These people can help you out because you can research them to find out what kind of people may also like you.

Connections and acquaintances are still important, but they may be the least important. They are the type of audience that is there and still help but not as much.

Once we realize and categorize our audience, we can have a better idea on how to talk to them and promote our products.

  • What type of people engages with you the most?

It is fair to say, people who engage with a brand the most, are the brands biggest fans and supporters. Brands can use social media to connect with top fans and research them

  • Research your audience!

Lastly, researching Is the cheapest and maybe the best thing a brand can do. By researching your fans habits and followers, you can find more people who can potentially be your next fan. Your audience can also tell you their thoughts and recommendations that can potentially result in a new product being made.

Being aware of your audience’s patterns, and lifestyles is extremely important. Simply being aware of your audience is already giving you a heads up on how to generate sales and awareness. They must remember to constantly be on top of their audience, because they can change.

Search Engines 101


  • Search engines take topics that one has looked up , and searches the Internet for possible answers based on the keywords it finds.
  • Search engines are all over the Internet and make finding information easy and convenient.


1 Google

2 Yahoo

3 Microsoft


5 Ask


  • Every search engine has its own method when it comes down to finding information.
  • They only understand the text on a page. Therefore it is important to use appropriate key words.
  • Do not rely on photos to get found on search engines, because they will not work successfully.
  • When anything is looked up in a search engine, the engine gives them results by finding key words






You May Be Surprised How Chelsea Handler Made It Into Hollywood

chelsea handler reuters 660


You might know Chelsea Handler as a comedian, talk show host, actress, entertainer, and author…however there is much more to her than that. She was not born into this successful life. Her journey and upbringing may surprise you, and will make you admire Chelsea Handler even more so.

Chelsea moved to Los Angeles when she was 19, with the intention of becoming an actress. Little did she know that her experiences would take her on a different journey.



Two years after arriving to Los Angeles she got a DUI. She took this setback and turned it around to make it positive. She began telling the DUI story whenever she could, and tried to make it as humorous as possible. This made her fully realize her talent and ability to do stand up comedy on top of acting.

Here is an interview with Oprah where she discusses this story in more detail.

Chelsea knew she wanted to break into Comedy once she realized how talented she was at it. Now what actually drove her? It was having and embracing her ADD.

“I have severe ADD, and I’m constantly looking to amuse myself.”

To read more about Handlers ADD, please visit this website


She took ADD to her advantage, and used it to keep her going. Chelsea can teach us that any “setback” or “flaw” can be turned into strength. Every disadvantage has an advantage in there, you just need to be able to find it.

If Chelsea did not use her ADD to keep her going she would not be the comedian, talk show host, actress, entertainer, and author she is today.

What keeps you going? Do you have an “obstacle” holding you back? Take this moment to learn from Chelsea. Take one of your weaknesses and find a way to switch it into a strength. You may be surprised how much that can help you. You never know what a good mindset can give you, so never give up!







Social Media Explained By An Info-graphic

social media 1

With social media being what it is today, business, nonprofits and governments have an amazing, free, and convenient way to get their messages across. They must keep in mind however that the social media platform they choose to put their energy into is very important. Research must be done to see where their audience is spending their time.

No matter what you are, a business, nonprofit or government you need to find out what gender, age, and lifestyle your followers have.

If you are putting all your energy into the wrong platform, you are basically wasting your time, and are going to turn off your followers.

Social Media 411